"When You Care About Their Care,
Put Them In Our Care"

Welcome to Country Kids Childrens Center

Country Kids is a state licensed, locally owned and operated day care and preschool, serving the area for over 25 years. The friendly, caring staff strives to provide quality child care in a safe and nurturing environment that values the uniqueness of your child and strives to extend, reinforce, and compliment your child’s home and family life. 

Country Kids is affordably priced and conveniently located across from Sand Hollow Aquatic Center and features a spacious indoor play area, outside playground, a separate fenced in, shaded play area for the infants and toddlers, and on-site splash pad. We have educational programs, organized field trips, and offer transportation to and from local schools. State assistance is welcomed.

We Offer

  • Educational Programs
  • Organized Field Trips
  • Splash Pad
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Large Play Structure with Soft Surfacing
  • Exercise 
  • Gazebos
  • Playhouses
  • Snacks
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Hurray! Summer is here!  We have a lot of fun activities planned with our theme: “Our Country/Patriotism.”  

Calendars for our summer activities are available in the lobby, and are posted here on the website. Permission slips must be signed and children must follow field trip guidelines or they cannot attend.  There is a charge for field trips

It’s perfect weather for our children to enjoy more time in our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom.  This is a great opportunity for the children to have “hands on” experience exploring nature and using their creativity to build and create.   

Please be sure to dress your child appropriately for the day’s weather and activities.  We take the children outside every day, weather permitting. 

Take the time to check your child’s note for any items they may need.  Clean out cubbies and take items that are no longer needed home with you.

Parents, please help us keep your children safe by using hand sanitizer when you enter the building and wash your child’s hands with soap and water. Do not bring your child to daycare if he is not well.

Reminder: Payment is due in advance for childcare. We do not give credit for sick or unscheduled absent days. Always notify us of any change in your child’s attendance schedule.

We are a nut free facility, so do not send any nuts or nut products with your child.       

Please bring only water in your child’s water bottle.  All toys and trading cards should be left at home.

Our center and several of our staff  have achieved a High Quality rating from Utah’s Child Care Quality System.  We have also received the All Means All Award for achievements in participating in the All Means All program and intentionally promoting an environment where all children are respected, valued, encouraged, and included. 

Congratulations: Carson–three years of employment on July 16; Vanessa– four years of employment on July 24.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

 Child Development Thoughts      

Children learn in many different ways. Each child has his own way of learning—some learn visually, others through touch, taste, and sound. Watch a group of children and you’ll understand at once what this means. One child will sit and listen patiently, another cannot wait to move and count beads. Another wants you to show her the answer over and over. Children also learn in different ways depending on their developmental stage. One thing we know is all children love to learn new things by exploring and discovering. Children love to solve problems during play and in daily activities.

 We will be closed on Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5 for Independence Day.  Have a safe and fun holiday.